Hit extremely hard / Beat up
I twatted the Ball

They really twatted him
by CiCi March 11, 2005
Top Definition
1. To be hit on the head by another head or occasionally a fist.
2. To be very, very drunk,
1. "...this chav tried to steal my burger so I twatted him one..."
2. "I was so twatted last night, I still can't see who I'm sleeping with..."
by soozeh February 23, 2005
To be under the influence of particular substances. E.g. Alcohol & drugs
"I was so twatted last night"
by Leanne April 02, 2005
beaten to a messy pulp
Gladys severely twatted her love rival and left her for dead
by leeny burghers April 14, 2003
This is a British phase and is used in the past tense, it means that one beat-up another, however it is also used to descirbe a single yet dramatic hit.
"This chav was all up in Dean's face, so he twatted him, right between the eyes"
by Junyar-Kuro May 01, 2009
The definition of this word would be to get CRUNK, SMASHED, CUNT-TED or WASTE-TED!
"oh my gosh marie, you were TWAT-TED last night!"
"Come back to my room, i'm a virgin!"
"WTF, you're fekin TWAT-TED!"
by annoymous ; ) October 03, 2007
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