Hit extremely hard / Beat up
I twatted the Ball

They really twatted him
by CiCi March 11, 2005
Top Definition
1. To be hit on the head by another head or occasionally a fist.
2. To be very, very drunk,
1. "...this chav tried to steal my burger so I twatted him one..."
2. "I was so twatted last night, I still can't see who I'm sleeping with..."
by soozeh February 23, 2005
To be under the influence of particular substances. E.g. Alcohol & drugs
"I was so twatted last night"
by Leanne April 02, 2005
beaten to a messy pulp
Gladys severely twatted her love rival and left her for dead
by leeny burghers April 14, 2003
The passed tense of tweetting, using twitter
Have you ever used the site twitter?

why yes I have twatted.
by Jackson Marsh June 19, 2009
This is a British phase and is used in the past tense, it means that one beat-up another, however it is also used to descirbe a single yet dramatic hit.
"This chav was all up in Dean's face, so he twatted him, right between the eyes"
by Junyar-Kuro May 01, 2009
The definition of this word would be to get CRUNK, SMASHED, CUNT-TED or WASTE-TED!
"oh my gosh marie, you were TWAT-TED last night!"
"Come back to my room, i'm a virgin!"
"WTF, you're fekin TWAT-TED!"
by annoymous ; ) October 03, 2007
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