a cooking appliance used to cook waffels or oddly shaped toast, beckons to steal your cutlery. Also used as transportation to foreign contries
I licky-lickyeed the twat so it stole my cutlery and.. broke my window. And then it went to france for some freedome fries
by DarkFoxFurre May 12, 2003
... (n.)if you don't know that a "twatt" is the proper term for vagina then what the hell is wrong with you?
(adj.)funny, disgusting, or also could be dirty/messy, something that reminds you of a vagina
(v.)to enter something into the vaginal canal; masturbation; thrusting an object in the vagina
(n.)I'm sorry guys, I have to itch my twatt.
(adj.)Her hair was twatt today.
(v.)Bill, you might not want to touch that pencil I left on your desk, I twatted it last night after you left the office.
by Annie March 01, 2005

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