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Small town on Orkney Islands, Scotland. Not to be confused with twat, i.e. cunt.
Fancy going to Twatt today?
by ANTg December 26, 2005
A vagina or a derogatory term.
She has such a harry twatt.
by RickyBobby123 April 23, 2008
An idiot who uses the pointless twitter].
Not to be confused with just a twat], an extra t is used to complement with the double t used in twiiter
man 1- i just got a twiiter!
man 2- You twatt. -_-
by jinxed_007 May 16, 2009
A person who uses twitter and thinks the whole world gives a shit about what they are doing
"You know dominic uses twitter all the time"
"Yeah hes such a twatt"
by sabitnerrrrrrr December 22, 2009
A complete idiot.
John tried to drive up the hill in the snow and got completely stuck. He broke my spade trying to dig himself out, and used up all my precious supply of road salt. He should have been able to see that the road was a skating rink. What a twatt!
by bluedog1257 January 10, 2010
a cooking appliance used to cook waffels or oddly shaped toast, beckons to steal your cutlery. Also used as transportation to foreign contries
I licky-lickyeed the twat so it stole my cutlery and.. broke my window. And then it went to france for some freedome fries
by DarkFoxFurre May 12, 2003
A douchbag who uses Twitter
This Twatt won't stop fucking following me on Twitter


No one gives a fuck about this Twatt having a bad day at school
by Black_On_Both_Sides April 29, 2009