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refers to a females vagina/coochie
1.that girl gots some good twappy was too scared to down that shit 3.hes such a twappy!
4.I could go for some twappy
5.twappy sounds good tonight
6.Dont be such a twappy!
by Danyellie February 01, 2008
To write an excessive amount of Tweets on the website Twitter in a short period of time.

A combination of the words Twitter and Happy. Used like the phrase "trigger happy"
If someone were to Tweet 5+ times in one hour, they would be Twappy.
by Mr. Larry R. Johnson February 28, 2011
when someone has great skill in something
"Yo, last night me and Mike ran the pong table, 24-0"
"Shit really?"
"Fuck yeah, we were twappy as hell"

"Jeff is fuckin twappy at soccer"

"I can't belive i jumped over that fence when I was piss drunk, that's twappy as shit"

by joHnny boi 44 February 22, 2007

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