something that is twisted and tangled as in cords or nerves
my phone cord is all twangled or my nerves are twangled
by brains October 26, 2005
Top Definition
The weird feeling you get when you are expecting to experience a certain thing, but experience something else instead.
For example.. when you take a drink, and you expect it to be milk but it turns out to be apple juice.
Or.. when you are climbing stairs, and you expect there to be one more step than there actually is.
I had a twangle when I sat down there, the seat was much lower than I thought it was going to be!
by Kirsty and Nog January 10, 2011
a combination of: twist, tangle, and twang. may be used to describe a social situation, or perhaps an intoxicated state.
"that lady got herself all twangled up!"
by kava May 10, 2004
To Twangle; To rub hard and vigorously on a clitoris with an object (preferably a penis). Similar to F**k, this word can be used outside of its original meaning in the place of various verbs.
I was getting dry during penetration I asked him to pull it out and twangle it for awhile.
by JJervis November 08, 2009

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