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A dismissive comment for the overly zealous. Usually accompanied by a dismissive hand-gesture.

Can also be used as a verb. Ie:
Serena: I think I should be a writer!
Alf: Tut-tut, surely you need to know how to read first.


Serena: Quit Tut-tutting all my ideas asshole!

Alf: Sorry
by Alf April 11, 2005
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describing a person who is expressing an overall feeling of superiority or pompousness
"My friend just bought a new car. He was all like 'Tut tut, my car is soooo great.' "

"Look at that douche wearing an Ed Hardy t-shirt. Hes all like 'Tut tut, look at my super sweet expensive t-shirt, tut tut' ".
by Hemingway Ferrell September 03, 2009
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A pansy ass bitch. Especially one who flakes out on things frequently. Can be in relation to their co-dependency on a mate.
That bitch is a straight tut tut. She's always up that nigga's ass now, and never comes around.
Seriously, man. Don't be a fucking tut tut. Just come to the beach with us.
by Withano September 04, 2011
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*Please read with heavy asain accent*
Little rickshaw that move alarmingly slow in Thailand through hot hot street.
"Please take off shoe before enter tut tut."
"Since everybody come late in tut tut, no one get clothes. I sowwy"
by Zhally (We Black) March 05, 2007
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A slang term for oral sex on a male. Sometimes shortened to just "tut."
Brother, I think I will receive some tut tut this weekend from that ho.
by Joe McHugh April 16, 2006
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