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Another word for a hermaphrodite.
Lady GaGa is a total Turtle Burger.
by Mike Hawk is mediocre January 31, 2010
The act of a circular steaming bowel movement generally produced after years of being a young asian(ish) male on valentines day who live in manchester. Most of them are known to float and swim around leaving a trail of brown sticky substance and stench behind it.
Raymond : Hey Danny, I'm making a turtle burger right now.

Danny : Dude that's fucking disgusting I'm trying to eat!
by The Housemate February 15, 2011
A burger consisting of turtles, with various other pieces of salad or meat.
Bill: "Dude, I just had the best turtleburger."
Fred: ".. That's disgusting."
by Turtleburgerman January 02, 2009
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