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To feel a girls chest, outside of the shirt, replicating the motion of hand washing or waxing a car.
I saw my friend and his girl at the movies last night, and he was totally turtle waxing.
by Chimpski November 03, 2009
Turtle Waxing is when a male gets close to ejaculating during sexual activities, lays his partner flat on a surface (bed,table,couch....) so that the partner is facing upwards towards him while he hovers over the partner and ejaculates onto the partner's stomach which he then rubs the fluid around on the chest area giving the partner's chest a glossy turtle wax look to it.
Man 1: Dude, guess what I did to my girlfirend last night.

Man 2: What did u do to her?

Man 1: I was Turtle Waxing her all night long!

Man 2: I wish my girlfriend would let me do that.
by Gangstermac January 12, 2014

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