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A turtle cock is an uncircumcised dick that retreats into the foreskin, leaving just the tip exposed - thus resembling a turtle with its head poking out. A turtle cock is usually accompanied by a serious muzzie

Not to be confused with turtle cawk
bro 1: Look at the turtle cock on that motherfucker!
bro 2: I bet you he has a fat muzzie to go along with it!
by derpityderrp September 05, 2013
The hardening of the scrotum by way of cold weather and or blue balls.
Dude, it's frezing. I have major turtle cock going right now.
by Sausage King June 01, 2006
Slang for beef jerky
I need to swing into 7/11 and grab a turtle cock and a coke.
by Odinsworn December 19, 2006

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