To turf is to send along to someone else.
I'm gonna turf that errand to Eric.

I'm so glad she turfed my email to Karen cuz otherwise I woulda never gotten the job!
by avsavsavs May 04, 2012
n. formal name being Cannabis Sativa; a plant containg tetrahydracannibonol, more commonly known as THC, the active ingredient which provides an existential like state of cosmic interaction known as being high. Several different varieties exist, inclduing Sativa and Indica. The physical qualities include tiny red/brown hairs and a white crystalline powder coating.

other names:
mary jane, marijuana,weed,grass, herb, ganja, buddha, pottery, herbal refreshment.
bobby(to his stoner friend)-"yo i was on turf yesterday and i was so fucking blitz up out of this world!"

(stonerfriend)-doood it sounds like you were totally blitz yooo

mom-"whats turf honey?"

bobby-"its just fake grass, duh you stupid fucking bitch ass"

she never knows!!=o
by spreaddisshitnigguh March 21, 2009
n. Any girl that deserves or earns little respect. Usually these girls are ready and willing to go home with you from a drinking establishment approximately 10 minutes after hearing the alert of "Last Call". Any loud or annoying girl that refuses to leave you alone or shut up, this behavior is commonly associated with, but not restricted to, drinking (origin: Late Night Turf Hoe).
I was so drunk I don't even remember what that turf I took home last night looked like.
by Dean Sticky February 25, 2003
To discharge a patient from a hospital, in order to save the hospital or government money or at the behest of a greedy insurance company, sometimes through the use of a pod doctor. Does not apply to illegal aliens, for whom complete care must be provided regardless of cost.
1. Although I am still sick, the hospital is going to turf me because my insurance company is limiting the number of days they will pay for this hospitalization.

2. The insurance company inserted one of its pod doctors into the medical team in order to turf the patient.
by Lulubeans October 02, 2014
lookin like trash.
oooooh i was unaware dat today is turf tuesday, cause y'alls is lookin like shit!
by michelleisfat October 11, 2011
1. a sidewalk

2. the area that a gang claims

3. horse-racing
The turf was not safe for travel. What if I got shot.
by The Return of Light Joker May 04, 2009
dancing,not krunk.tha sikist kinda of dance.wit beats that go hard.yee
i was,turf strollin down tha block,i was blunk rollin tryin to find a place to roc.
by thizzlle wiggle December 27, 2007
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