Tunnel Snaking is when you drop your feces on a pan, then either heat it in the microwave, oven, or with fire, until it is almost completely solid. Then you forcibly insert it into the anus of somebody you wish to degrade. You leave it their and wait until they need to make feces, then they have to poop out both of the feces.
Yea. David was being a bitch again, so I just went into the kitchen and warmed up my shit, then came out and tunnel snaked him till he cried and his asshole bled.

Dude.... That is so Fucked up on so many levels.
by Felipe ngagopgjwoipgjao[d-2 May 20, 2009
Top Definition
The Tunnel Snakes were a small gang that ruled Vault 101 in the video game Fallout 3
"Tunnel Snakes rule!"
by Slapmych33ks July 20, 2015
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