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A branch of the word Chunker used to describe one who is basically a little chubster, or as others would say, a "fatty fatty 2 by 4 can't fit through the kitchen door". The word Tunker compares the person to the size of that of a Tanker Truck, specifically ones holding gas for whicles, to make fun of their obese appearence. To be called a Tunker is a lighter insult than being called other such terms as a "fat ass", and is usually used in situations as a code word as not to hurt the feelings of the person being called the term. Tunker is one of the newer words that has entered the vast amount of insults in the English language.
Dillon: Is your little brother Johnny fat?
Andrew: Ya, he's a little Tunker.
Dillon: Thought so..
by Jeffrey Davidson August 24, 2006
A tunker refers to a little fat kid, usually a prebuber. However it is not uncommon for a postpuber to still fit the build for a tunker, usually big and amoeba-like. If referring to a girl it becomes tinker.
Sean: Where are my gushers and cool nestea?
Patrick: I ate 'em.
Sean: All of them? But there were three boxes and a twelve pack.
Patrick: Yea, so i was hungry.
Sean: Dude, you are such a tunker.
by Lafittesmithshop March 03, 2011

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