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...can't fit through the kitchen door.

(does anyone know the rest of "skinny, skinny, 1 by 8?"
by ty August 26, 2003
A jump rope rhyme that is quite obscene
Fatty Fatty 2 by 4
Couldn't get through the bathroom door,
So he did it on the floor,
Licked it up and did some more!
by BeckBeck Anthony April 15, 2008
A really fat bitch.
I was walking down the sidewalk, and I had to get move into the street just so I could pass fatty fatty 2 by 4.
by PimpMastahB July 01, 2003
Really cool. Antonym: Skinny Skinny 1 by 8.
That concert was fatty fatty 2 by 4.
by M March 09, 2003
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