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A really fucking fat person that could stand to drop a few pounds
Look at that chunker, she has 4 chins, AHAHA!
by cherry top October 25, 2003
73 34
A fat person that really isn't fat.
Kyle and Heather.
Heather: I am fat
Me: no your not your 100 lbs you anarexic damn you
Heather: fuck you im fat
me: fine
by Risa April 16, 2003
39 25
Extremely Fat Person
That is a little chunkers you have there!
by atomapples2 July 10, 2008
14 2
a person with gut huge gut but isn't fat
look at that chunker over there
by billy bob boomer March 31, 2003
22 13
An extremely fat kid.
Nathan: Hey ben, where's Chunkers?

Ben: He's watching the ws at SSL

Nathan: What a fat kid...

Ben: Yeah I know, he loves cold hard...
by Nblufire12 November 17, 2009
6 3
Describes an undesirable, large or shapely woman who hits on you. You should alert your wingman when you notice a "chunker" to give him fair warning.

In addition to describing a large undesirable woman, chunker also describes ruthless, desperate women. Follow the common Zoo rule, "DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS" (not literal food but sex), if you "feed" a chunker she will only come back for more. Thus creating a false sense of love in her mind.

Steer clear of "chunker love" which commonly occurs when one is drunk.

They often have babes as friends, alert your wingman to target the "chunker" so you are home free and score the babe. A common technique commonly referred to as "Chunker Elimination".

Chunker can also refer to men.
Chunker (man) is shallow, very shapely, and very rude.
Steer clear of the "pity fuck", for this will cause a false sense of attraction in his male mind. Most male chunkers will be sport experts.
Alex: Chunker alert!!

Tanner: I'm on it, search and destroy. Ha-ha!
by B-HIND BLU EiZ July 18, 2009
13 12
another word for vomiting, puking, throwing up. A name to call some one when they vomit
there were two chunkers at practice yesterday.
by blueyedblonde April 24, 2010
1 2