a virus. don't get one.
"hey, what's a tumblr?"
"oh man, it's a virus. it sucks, don't get one"
"oh em gee, thanks for telling me!"
by we'llbebackshortly January 31, 2011
You either know what it is or you don't.

Tumblr should not be talked about in public or to people who don't have Tumblr.

Tumblr is freedom.
Me: *typing* Today I heard someone mention Tumblr in a public area, I weep for the future
by communication breakdown January 27, 2011
Tumblr loves them.
by Dr. Pedobear November 23, 2010
a hipster watering hole aka a too-indie-for-you blog.

chances are you already have one or else you wouldn't be searching for it here.

mostly filled with filipino bloggers who mostly blog about pictures of triangles in space.
they like to use internet memes, most commonly 4chan memes, and claim it as their own.
1. blogger: 'FFFFFUUUUU' should be tumblr's catchphrase because we made it up and made it famous lolol

2. ▲
by wolfshirtsareforfaggots November 17, 2009
a place for self-importance/communal self-loathing
I need to get on Tumblr. I need to tell people how I'm too good for life. How I hate people. How I hate myself. How I just like cats and triangles.
by MacJimmyP November 11, 2010

That's what everyone will say about it.
You don't speak of tumblr at school,
with your friends or family.

Tumblr.com is a place for you to get away
from reality.

You'll regret asking anyone you know to join it.
If your homophobic, you won't last long on tumblr
considering most people on tumblr are either gay,
bi, lesbian or support them.

You can say anything you want on tumblr and not get
judged for it because most people will feel the same way.

Facebook is very judgy.
Tumblr. Is completely different.

There are super cool blogs, and you should check them out.

If you like something, press 'Reblog' (it'll be on your blog)
or the heart. (its like the facebook like)

Reblogging is a way to put the picture/audio/quote on YOUR blog but give the original person who post it up credit.

Also, there are really cool themes for customizing.
You can also add music to your blog.

^^ that will give you all the extra features.
you can figure the rest out.

but when you sign up,

the url will be like this:

___(whatever you want)____.tumblr.com

you can make your url really cheesy and cute like
(btw, these arent real blogs) :


or straight up like your name:


be creative, and have fun!
(these are real)

fuckperiods.tumblr.com (perfect for pmsing girls!)

tumblr4men.tumblr.com (funny pictures of messing up cheesy pictures!)

diaryoflittlesecrets.tumblr.com (really cute quotes)
by unicornshavemustaches May 24, 2011
a place for hipsters to post picures and gifs about hipster things. common subjects: girls backs, hands with lots of jewelry, vampire weekend, arcade fire, kissing, naked people, weed, pretty girls smoking, harry potter, celebrities from tv shows particularly skins and gossip girl and other artsy photographs.
I am so addicted to tumblr, I just can't stop reblogging pictures of pretty girls in front of a sunset wearing denim shorts and bracelets smoking weed.
by yesiamfromtumblr December 21, 2010

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