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The act of driving around randomly with another person with no real purpose or idea of where to go or what to do.

The process usually starts with the consumption of food then continues with mindless driving. The two passengers down energy drinks and usually end up at the houses of unwelcoming friends harassing them until the two are kicked out or become bored. Then they either pick up a random friend or choose the next destination. This continues until one person has to go to work or runs out of money to finance the gas consumed during the process.
Would you like to go Tuesdaying next Thursday?
by Slenderman & Masky October 04, 2011
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The Act of calling in sick to work on a Tuesday with the goal of making the week seem far shorter.
"Theres no way i can work a full week I'm totally Tuesdaying it!"
by Tuesdaying October 28, 2008

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