A person who is from our lives within a twenty mile radius of Taylor Wisconsin.
It is a name of many uses and is commonly said in everyday life as an insult as well as a compliment.
That aaron is such a tuddy
by Randolf the Tudd elder November 07, 2008
a touchdown in the game of american football.
Yo bra, put down your bud-heavy and go long for a tuddy.
by Alex Norton September 02, 2008
the buttocks. Also called butt, bum (British term), ass, arse (British term), bottom (child's word), booty, behind, tushie (or tushy), tokhes (Yiddish, pronounced TUH-khuhs), nates (pronounced NAY-teez), rear end, heinie, fanny, can, duff, fundament, posterior, nalgas (Spanish for "buttocks," pronounced NAHL-gahs), culo (Spanish for "ass," pronounced KOO-loh), wazoo.
My grandma used to call a butt a TUDDY.
by Joey Schwartzman June 30, 2005

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