an abbreviation T.U.D. for totally unnecessary drink.

The one drink that pushes you over the edge or your limit.

Any drink after 10:30 pm on a school (aka work) night.
"Even though I paid my tab, I'll have one TUD before going home."
by Shumpy September 15, 2004
a form of sexual contact where the male cums on the womens face, then laying a brick on her face, with the act of rubbing it together with his ass cheeks once done, spoons it up and they both eat the substance
girl: 'oh you have to try it, John and i did a tud last night'

girl 2: 'woooh i've never tried it peters to scared'
by martingellxo July 11, 2011
absolute crap (abbreviation of TURD)
"Your PC is a load of old tud!"
by Phil Clarke August 05, 2003
an object composed of fecal matter entwined with toilet paper that is rolled into small balls and caught in the hair lining the greater butthole region.
Dude, I got some Mexican food the other day... I was finding tuds for a straight week.
by Pewee Herman June 10, 2008
Shortened form of bastard. Someone who shows no concern for anyone but him/herself. Can be used in conjunction with rocket, socket, locket or any variation of that theme to intensify the insult. An exception of this is tud wagon.
You're such a tud!
by Lord Wellington August 21, 2003
A Totally Uncool Dude.
Bill: " hey i invited mike tonight.."

Joe: " why would you do that, mike is such a TUD!"
by BuRnZy187 April 24, 2016

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