a ficticious tiny mammal living in the northern regions of britain.
Harnessing a thick black mane, he is able to move undetected in the night when he goes in search of a mate.
Tubs has no preferences when spotting a potential partner and will settle for the first female specimen his eyes detect.
A shy creature, this little mammal surfaces during the rainy season, to go in search of smoke, cheesy puffs and two litre bottles of cola.
The cola has gone missing, most likely you have an infestation with tubs.

You find something sleeping in your bed, with a bag full of cheesy puffs you may want to call in the professionals.

Under no circumstances should you feed after midnight, as it will keep on eating.
by rastakjones February 01, 2011
Top Definition
An invention used to wash your filthy ass in.
Albert was so relieved to wash his fat stankin ass in the tub.
by Mr. Dwayne May 31, 2005
Refering to someone that is overwieght.
"Hey tubs, why don't you go on a diet?
by Dexter October 02, 2003
a name for a fat person
"Hey Tubs, Don't Hog The Potater Chips!"
by Holly October 08, 2003
The nickname for the fat kid
Look at tubs' fat jiggle
by JadL October 05, 2006
A person who is a bit more than chubby but not fat or rounded.
Person 1: Hey did you see that fat kid?
Person 2: He's not fat he's a tub.
Person 3: You are a tub.
by Thedragonquest9nerd April 24, 2011
Turnt up bitches.
We about to get TUB on this boat.
by Deidres May 24, 2013
a synonym for touchdown
Peyton Manning throws tubs all day
by ogpoppinfresh December 06, 2009
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