The act of pulling an amazing comeback against all odds in an epic fashion.
Holy flaming fuck on a stick! Did he just pulled a Tuan using Yoshi?
by SSBB May 25, 2008
Top Definition
A sexy looking male of the human species.
Look at that Tuan walking down the street
by og tunaa January 03, 2005
With vietnamese origin, tuan is the ancient race of the forgotton tribal of Dep Trai. They are all males that are famous for giving great pleasure to women anywhere they conquered.
"that guy is a like those Tuans, i wanna fuk him up"
by kamehamehaboom November 18, 2007
also known as PANDA !!!

1. a H0T, caring, sweet, l0ving person
2. huggable && kissable
3. a great b0yfriend !!!
4. wonderful kisser mMm tasty!
5. gewd alll around ;]
oh shiet! i got a TUAN panda !!! shiet im like the luckiest girl EVER! so in ur faces B*TCHES!
by random-ness February 03, 2005
Someone with an incredible funloving and outgoing personality. Really thoughtful, loyal, and charming. Extremely cute.
'I'm lucky to know someone like Tuan!'
by Only write the truth September 19, 2009
A sexy looking male of the human species, yet only to appeal of gay men.
Tuan I saw you on Queer Eye for the straight guy last night.
by Sandyman January 26, 2005
the man who is so sick he has sex with family members would do anything with holes in it.He's also gay and ugly
omg tuan not your sister man! thats sick!
by David_is_Fat April 28, 2005

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