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When a man blindfold a woman and instead of fucking her, he maturbates her with a lit cigar
Yo, I gave that chick a flaming fuck she'll never forget.
by Andy K March 24, 2004
When you are fucking a girl from behind and you pull your dick out and say you jizzed but not to turn around and pour something like gasoline on her back then light it on fire and run like hell. Good way to get back at cheating chicks. Highly illegal though.
Me: Holy Shit! Angelina was burnt to a crisp!
Brad: No shit man! I Flaming Fucked her just yeasterday.
by Krazy Kanukle January 10, 2007
A person who is so gay and "FAH-LAYMING" that calling them a homo, fag, fruitcake, gayass, or any other word is not enough to describe their gayness. Therefore the adjective flaming, which means very flamboyant, is added to the noun fomr of fuck, as to insult the homosexual that is being described.
1.That boy right there is a flaming fuck.
2.Okay, you are so gay you flaming fuck. Get the fuck away from me.
3.You fucked your dad? Ew get away you flaming fuck.
by uranmfer329 March 06, 2005
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