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An acronym meaning "that's so funny"
Used in place of the over-used "LOL"
Nicole: my dad just lost a game of wii tennis to the dog
Diandra: seriously?! Tsf!
Nicole: yeah, I blame it on his fat Italian-ness:-p
(please keep in mind that Italians should not be offended, her father really is fat and Italian, and she mentions it a lot :-]
Italians FTW!)
by Diandrak Sexx December 31, 2008
5 5
Thats some funny shit
A: Whats a cheese thats not yours??? NACHO CHEEZ!!!! Ahahahahaha isnt it funny?
B: tsfs...
by smurfymurfy June 19, 2010
15 3
That shit funny!
@macmiller: Ima start my own thing that means laughing... Hmmm... TSF - that shit funny
by macmilla April 26, 2011
13 3
The Systems Fucked.
When something goes wrong.
"man he is TSF"
"lewis totally fucked the system"
"he fucked it"
"raped by a 10ft rusty pole with razer blades and barbs"
"fatty fell over"
by Mreaper April 04, 2008
11 4
An abreviation used to mean Too short for school. Referring to girls Kilt length at private schools.
Jenny wrote a note saying that beths kilt is tsfs.
by cr4ck4h4t4 June 25, 2009
9 3
Thats so Funny!! ..Its the new lol!!
Omg she just fell over a chair..tsf!!
by Amanda Babii!! xxx August 10, 2007
7 5
Talking Shit Frequently - One who talks a lot of shit.
Man these fools are tsf'ing again.
by DarkSovereign September 27, 2005
13 12
Thats soo Funny! (With a High pitched inflection at the end)

- Sick Of LOL? Bring on TSF!
MSn conversation
"So The Chicken Walked across the road...)"

by Rossimho March 17, 2009
1 1