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When a male elephant uses his trunk to masturbate
Aww dude that elephant is totally trunking
by MikeRowe304 May 17, 2010
5 12
The latest craze amongst American teens when there are too many bodies to conventionally fit inside a car - the extras go into the car trunk (or boot if you speak British English).
Yeah, man, Mark and I went trunking last night, because there were 8 of us, and damn his feet stink!
by Doc Tinfoil Hat June 17, 2006
22 30
The art of texting while drunk
Shit! I shouldn't have been Trunking last night. That girl's going to think I wanna rape her.

Can you read this? (iii wannfjha guckch youtj) I think he's Trunking me.
by JOndNP June 07, 2009
11 22
A new form of dog fighting where two dogs are stuffed into the trunk of a car and they fight to the death while the car is driven around.
Lets get those dogs trunking!
by noodleincident9 August 26, 2008
12 23
the act of anal sex.

see trunk
George was well known among the ladies for his ability to deliver a good trunking.
by Wolfman August 08, 2003
12 23
A dog fight held in a closed car trunk. The trunk is closed for 15 to 30 minutes before they open it. The dog left alive is the winner. This method is used because it is hard for police to detect and even more difficult to prosecute.
The neighbors were accused of trunking.
by harus August 25, 2008
6 21
abducted, cuffed, then thrown in the back of one's own vehicle
Police theorized that Smith had been the target of a drug underworld abduction - what is known on the streets as a "trunking."
by saletax November 13, 2007
1 16