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To wave your penis up and down in front of a females face in such a manner were it seems like it is an Elephants Trunk.
"I was trunking this girl last night, it was totally awesome!"
by ZuFe December 01, 2011
When a man puts his foreskin on a woman’s nose and subsequently pulls his penis back, creating a vacuum. When the foreskin slides of the woman's nose, a popping sound is created. Based on Disney’s Dumbo, where the jailed mother elephant hugs Dumbo using her trunk.
Whereas my former gf enjoyed a cozy dickslap now and then, my new one is deeply into trunking.

Dude, that hipster chick you hooked me up with made me trunk her before she would go to sleep.
by RdBr December 05, 2011
Having sex with one's anus to the point where the anus and colon become distended, and protrude out of the body, and then performing oral sex on the length of protruding anus.
Me and Charlize were stone cold trunkin'.

Nathan is a good guy because he knows how to trunk some anus.
by Dr. Turbo April 09, 2005
a shenanigan in which a teenage miscreant sneaks up to a stopped car at an intersection and opens the trunk of the car. a sucessful trunk happens only when the door is unlocked and the trunk opens.
Last night we went trunking and opened 4 guys trunks!
by Ninja Guin May 06, 2009
to consume cocaine by allowing it to permeate through the foreskin of the penis,
"G dub, Buzzsaw, Tha Wind an' me were trunking an eight ball at Vito's last nite."
by Mother Trunker November 14, 2008
Trunking or the act of Trunking is when one person gets in the trunk of a car, and at the right moment, pops out and scares/surprises the nearest people. Trunking usually occurs in parking lots at parked spaces, however can be done anywhere. The main goal of Trunking is not to harm, or scare, rather than to observe the reactions people will give you!
Mike: No bro, trunking people is better, its the newest trend.
Tim: Oh I saw that shit! Lets do it!
Mike: Hell yeah.
by Trunking Creator July 24, 2011
The act of fucking the trunk of a dead (or live) elephant.

This feat can only be done by a man. Strap-ons DO NOT COUNT ladies.
Ponsonby and the rest of the English aristocrats on African safari have just killed an old male elephant, and there is no doubt that the first thought in their minds was to trunk for the rest of the afternoon. This abomination included barons and earls of high society viciously blitzkrieging their dicks up the formidable nasal instrument of Earth's finest beast.

Trunking with a live elephant, while not totally out of the question, has never been done.
by Caligulananda August 24, 2010
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