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The disease whose symptoms are constipation of the brain with simultaneous diarrhea of the mouth.
This disease has now been named Trumpitis to honor the person who has demonstrated the effects on a continuing daily basis.
The symptoms of Trumpitis cannot be alleviated by use of an astringent even though it appears that Donald used one before speaking in an attempt to demonstrate that pursed lips indicate thought prior to speaking.
by Chapter XI July 18, 2016
Most common symptoms include Umpa Lumpa-toned skin, reverse-mullet which is combed to one side, pursed lips when talking, and aversions to all things Rosie O'Donnell. Due to the last symptom listed, this affliction is often misinterpreted as a regular Rosie hate, which is wide-spread. Named after Donald Trump, who is most famously known for selling Serta mattresses.
Trumpitis: "You're fired"
by Bribribribribri November 22, 2010
When you were cool and then changed and started to act retarded for something or election.
Donald was cool and now he is acting like a dumbass; I think he has Trumpitis.
by 2FLY TY June 08, 2016
Trumpitis n. Inflamation of the buttocks brought on by routinely talking out of one's ass.
"Bubba," the doctor said sternly, "you need to dial it back a little. This is the worst case of Trumpitis I have ever seen."
by Cletis L Stump July 07, 2016
A condition where a person talks trash about someone or something, while at work, and expects no consequences.
Joe got fired today. He caught a case of trumpitis.
by HBIC5224 July 14, 2016
The "disease" that causes you too spend too much money and file for bankruptcy because of it.
I hate how Trumpitis affects 90% of Americans.Thats just sad.
by ICameHereForTheAppleJuice November 25, 2015
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