A fresh water fish, there are many species of them. Brook Trout, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Tiger Trout, Lake trout, etc. Trout are a very popular game fish and are stocked in waters for Trout Season. Trout are also a very tasty fish which are commonly ate.
Fisherman1: Im waking up bright and early tomorrow for opening day of trout season!

Fisherman2: Definetly man! Im getting all my trout fishing gear ready tonight so I'll be all set for opening day.
#brookie #rainbow #fish #game fish #fresh water fish
by J.Skills April 21, 2006
Top Definition
Trout = 40 something male hanging out in clubs looking for younger females to prey on. (male Cougar)
He is such a Trout! He is to old to be in a club!
#cougar #40 something #male #old #men
by Ivan1738 September 20, 2007
A man who likes to date younger women (i.e. he swims downstream in age); Antonym = salmon (a guy who likes to date older women, or swims upstream in age). Synonym = male cougar
Bill's such a trout; everytime he enters the club he's got a younger chick on his arm...
#salmon #cougar #pimp #sugar daddy #player
by sunshark May 06, 2009
Something you got slapped with in IRC
/slap urmomoncrak
**smegmaking_69 slaps urmomoncrack with a large trout.
#trout #irc #user #slap #whyowhy
by Smegmaking_69 August 02, 2009
rapidly flapping ones hand between the legs and or arms of another man, hitting the inside of their groin, similar to a trout fin. Developed in the cities of Brentwood and Franklin, Tennessee.
Ryker just got trouted by Edward in math class! lets all laugh at him!
#legs #man #hands #flap #sexual
by EPeriodMath April 06, 2009
The new word used in place of ratchet, epic, swag etc.

For every possible setting.
That bitch trout.

I don't give a trout hoot bout squat wack.

That clown acting pretty trout over there.
#ratchet #epic #swag #rach #swepic #hoot #whack #wac #wack #rachit
by ShishSONxxxZhG December 24, 2014

A whore that has fucked so many people, she starts to smell like a fish (thus the insult trout).

Often told to close her legs.
"hey trout! close your legs! we can smell you from over here!"

chatperson 1: "did you hear t.j. fucked ryan, peter, and sam last night?"
chatperson 2: "yes... she's such a trout, you can smell her fishy vag a mile away."
#whore #skank #fish #vag #legs
by Happyness-.. November 02, 2009
The word a stoner actutaly says when attepmting to say " Trip Out "
" Tr'out on my new bong. "
#trip out #stoner #slang #far out #trip
by CongaChild June 22, 2009
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