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The feeling experienced during a low point of a particularly bad hangover, characterised by 'peaks and troughs' of general well-being.
Me: "How are you feeling?"
Tom: "I was feeling fine a minute ago but I'm troughing so hard right now."
by p.nut April 26, 2013
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English slang for intercourse (by context, usually rough sex).
"I could give her (or him!) a right good troughing."
by Alex.T July 31, 2006
58 12
Eating a vast quantity of fattening food, with haste.
Dude, you wanna get something to eat at Marcel's? How about Gibson's or Ruth's Chris? Nah, I'm not feeling it. Let's just go troughing at Chili's.
by Stauff30 February 09, 2012
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When you're out and you feel low due to fatigue, full and/or hungover.
A: I'm troughing.
B: Me too want to go home?
by Klimeat June 07, 2009
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An unusual and uncommon sexual performance or act, which often fringes on debauchery. Do to the nature of the 'Troughing' and the trust required in its conduct it is often reserved for strong well established couples or for very outgoing, exciting confident people.
This behaviour appears to be localised to South East, England (United Kingdom), however in neighbouring areas it is slowly spreading and growing popularity among social groups. The slow trend is attributed to the secretive nature and often only spoken about between close friends or pea-cocking barroom drunks.
'Troughing' is the commonly used term to encapsulate the different variants and branches of this act, and due to these variants and whispered conversations it is difficult to pin-point and remove all ambiguity. Due to trending via word of mouth between social groups 'Troughing' is believed to be evolving, improving and in some ways competing with previous variants for bragging rights.

It is believed that nearly all variants require food to be eaten, however the choice of food to be eaten (fruit, porridge, chocolate), by which partner (male, female), from where (boobs, belly, bowl, plate, floor, bed, bum crack, vagina, gooch), under which restrictions (tied up, no hands, hands only, spoon, straw, animal noises), with a variety of props (bowls, spoons, bib and not forgetting the TROUGH) and which location (bedroom, car, woods, picnic) is what provides all the variants.
Guy1: I think I might try and go for some troughing this weekend.
Guy2: Really, You recon she is ready?
Guy1: I think she might be the one!
Guy1: Disgusting!
by Sinister Hippo June 24, 2013
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The act of cunnilingus.
"I would love to give Emma a good troughing..."
by ELP4AQ January 17, 2009
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