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The past tense of troubleshoot if it is done by an idiot and the troubleshooting fails.

The proper past tense of troubleshoot is troubleshot which would indicate a successful troubleshooting.
Hey did you figure out why this computer won't boot?
No, I troubleshat it and still can't figure out what's wrong?
Dude, there's no MEMORY in it! Duh
by metallaura December 09, 2009
The process of troubleshooting while using the restroom.
I've tried everything I could think of and couldn't find the issue, so I went and troubleshat in the toilet for a while and the answer just came to me
by Steve J. Rodriguez March 05, 2008
A knee-jerk reaction in the troubleshooting process that actually causes more damage than the initial problem it was designed to overcome.
I can't believe that just happened! I called into to tech support and they had me drop my firewall because I couldn't obtain an IP address. What a troubleshat, now I've got viruses on my machine and can only boot to safe mode, much less connect to the internet!
by ben December 09, 2005
To have already been engaged in the act of troubleshooting.

To have already utilized the ability to troubleshoot.

The doppleganger of the past tense of troubleshoot, which is troubleshot.
"I troubleshat the shit out of that computer!"
by mike goffin October 07, 2005
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