The Bolshevik head of the Red Army during the Russian Civil War and a subsequent attempted invasion of Europe in 1920, he is frequently idolized by Left fascist ideologues. Was a radical compared to Josef Stalin - the major issue between them during the 1930's was whether to make a second attempt at conquering Europe (Leon Trotsky wanted to attack them sometime during the 1930s, whereas Stalin advocated "socialism in one country" and wanted to build up the industrial power of Russia first before attempting any new conquests). Trotsky tried to use his leverage in the Red Army to have Stalin ousted and killed, but Stalin struck first, slaughtering Trotskyite loyalists in the Soviet armed forces during the "Great Purge" and eventually having Trotsky himself killed.

An altogether nasty, murderous man. His role is similar in Marxist mythology to that of Nathan Bedford Forrest amongst advocates of "The Lost Cause" in the American South - a romanticised figure that, in life, engaged in horrific atrocities and stood for the worst sorts of totalitarian barbarism. He is an especially appealing figure to those who still try to pretend that the Left is interested in anything resembling social justice, civil rights, etc. or that purport that the ideological mumbo-jumbo that Marxists repeat like magical formulas has any resemblence to the rigours of science.
"Stalin was the one what ruined the Revolution - if only Trotsky had won his struggle for power everything in Russia would have been peaches and cream..." so on.
by DrCruel November 22, 2006
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Leon Trostky, the military leader of the Red Army and the true mastermind behind the Russian Revolution. He had the real idea of what marx socialism is all about. After Lenins dead, Trotsky was suppoused to rise as the new USSR dictator, but Stalin managed to exile him to Siberia and then to Mexico. Stalin became the new dictator and using his power, he sent a mercenary to Mexico to kill Trotsky... the killed used an iceaxe and dealt a killing blow to the head of Trotsky. The influence of Trotsky is so big that there is still a huge movement known as the "trotskyst" which try to practice real marxist socialism.. instead of what Stalin and Mao did, which was evil ass communism. Overrall, Leon Trotsky was awesome, and you're not.
Trotsky is awesome!!!!


by Alvaro May 30, 2006
The guy who got exiled to mexico and got ice-picked in the head
Trotsky got ice the head
by apesmarie May 08, 2008
A drinking feat accomplished by taking a long pull from a bottle of Russian Vodka and then shotgunning a Mexican beer. Named because it "hits you like an icepick to the brain", in reference to the 1940 assassination-by-icepick of Soviet politician Leon Trotsky in Mexico.
Jamal is unstoppable - he just did a trotsky and went right back to cooking brunch!
by TheMarriageReferee August 08, 2011
1) Leon Trotsky, a Ukranian born Russian revolutionary, participated and took a leading role in the Bolshevik revolution of 1917 against the Russian Monarch and its government.

He wasn't popular amongst Marxist revolutionaries because of his middle class roots and strong support of Democracy, so he split from Lenin and Stalin and founded a number of international trade union style groups which fell into disarray after he was assassinated by a Spanish KGB agent of Stalin's in Mexico city 1940, by recieveing a blow to the head with an ice-pick. He demanded the assassin be left alive.

2) An alchoholic drink, consisting of vodka and grape/raisin/plum juice, named after the man.

3) The phenomena of running to the nearest toilet because of diarrhea.
1) Conservative/capitalist/libertarian: Oh Trotsky was your typical comma'nist dictator with pictures of himself everywher and killing people in the name of equality.
Person with at-least one brain cell: Actually a quote of Trotsky's is "Socialism without democracy is like the human body without oxygen"

2) Fancy a Trotsky? It's got a real punch to it.

3) OH for f***'s sake i've gotta' trotsky, back in a mo'
by Dancalls999 December 06, 2007
A drink made of vodka and prune juice, served to Lamont Sanford (played by Demond Wilson) by Grady Wilson (played by Whitman Mayo) on an episode of the 1970s U.S. television show "Sanford and Son."
Grady: "Here is some vodka and prune juice."
Lamont: (takes a sip and spits it out immediately) "Vodka and prune juice!?"
Grady: "I call it a trotsky."
by doowop7 April 27, 2007

longer then a trot( a long distance to walk); generally multiplied by the factor of stoned

ie. if from your place to macdonald's was a trot then it would be a trotsky if you were stoned
A: we have to go to benny's to pick up the stuff

B: uh, but benny's place is a trotsky
by a juicy pair October 28, 2008
Either taking a crap or having the explosive squirts within your pants.
I took a huge trotsky when I rode that ride for the first time.
by Pili-Pili October 02, 2007
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