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Leon Trostky, the military leader of the Red Army and the true mastermind behind the Russian Revolution. He had the real idea of what marx socialism is all about. After Lenins dead, Trotsky was suppoused to rise as the new USSR dictator, but Stalin managed to exile him to Siberia and then to Mexico. Stalin became the new dictator and using his power, he sent a mercenary to Mexico to kill Trotsky... the killed used an iceaxe and dealt a killing blow to the head of Trotsky. The influence of Trotsky is so big that there is still a huge movement known as the "trotskyst" which try to practice real marxist socialism.. instead of what Stalin and Mao did, which was evil ass communism. Overrall, Leon Trotsky was awesome, and you're not.
Trotsky is awesome!!!!


by Alvaro May 30, 2006

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