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Nerdy obsessed fan of the Tron movies!
"I want to see that Tron: Legacy movie on opening night, but I'm scared it will be full of Tronny's!
by BigCraigA December 05, 2010
anyone obsessed with watching the movie "TRON: Legacy"
Cody: You want to go see TRON?
Ro: No i really dont feel like getting trampled by all those Tronnies.
by Romex87 December 10, 2010
Vintage, Classic, Dorky, Nerdy yet appealing or attractive.
The music that John listens to is tronny.
by Tronny March 25, 2006
A word to describe things that are neon, electronic, energizing or reminiscent of the movie Tron or Daft Punk.
Your glow-in-the-dark frisbee is so tronny.
by csuspenders December 29, 2010
Tronny's incredible lameness epitomizes the true Way of the Arsebadger.
Man, Tronny's a lame-o.
by Shiggedy August 19, 2004
(n) A transgender fan of the movie Tron.

synonyms: Tronsexual, Tronsgender, Tronsvestite.
Ru Paul is a huge Tronny.
by Jim Sammartino January 25, 2011

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