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Mexican spanish word for blunt. The direct translation is a log.
Do you want to smoke a tronco with me?
by ricardo MOntoy November 11, 2006
Is spanish for log. Troncos in plural meaning logs. Usually referring
To large tree trunks. Sometimes used in spanish slang. Tronco meaning

Cock, dick, penis, ect.

When a friend is yawning and you pump your hand like if your shoving a cock
In his mouth. While his mouth is wide open and his eyes are closed
And you yell out tronco! Usually works better in front of other friends.

Tronco el centro de el árbol .
"let's go on the log ride" said the two chicks. "they wanna ride the tronco ,
Ohh yeah" said the Mexican behind them!

Si no sabes que es un tronco eres un buey!
by yellabanks September 22, 2009
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