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A goal scorer who played with one of the best teams in Mexico, Chivas. Because he had fatherly power (his dad and granddaddy played) he was really good and owned vs France and scored vs Argentina's gay golie, Sergio Romero. He will play with the English giants Manchester United. He will become greater than Hugo Sanchez and will help Mexico win a world cup.

Many Mexicans especially Mexicans Americans think you have to be cool and badass by having a hairstyle, but Chicharito has regualr hair and is already a loved person of Mexico. This has led to many Mexicans to stop using hairstyles and try to be like him.
A European that doesnt no anything about Mexican soccer--Chicharito Hernandez, whos that?

a year later--Wow this guy is a legend, no wonder Mexican soccer is so bad ass!
by The Real Boba Fett:P July 07, 2010
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