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(N) A vagina, of gross epic proportions.
2. A worn out, haggard, crusted vagina with a deep brown center and the smell of a wet dog.

Tarah is so hot. Too bad she has a fucking troll hole!
by suck my dick jackson January 20, 2008
A vagina with hair so unfathomably long and overgrown, it bears a disturbing resemblance to a troll doll.
Karen is always so put together and groomed; that's why I was shocked to find she has a troll hole!
by Dr. Evil 518 March 20, 2011
Someone that thinks they are a funny trolly troll but all they do is play video games with 12 year-olds

Like a Butt hole but grosser

A stupid smelly boy

Big gross hairy poopy gaping hole
Jordan is a troll hole because he thinks he is clever when in reality he says stupid ass shit.
by SmellyCatmeow December 18, 2013
A blog where posts are made by a blogger to create drama, provoke arguments, or foster controversy. The reverse of a common internet troll who simply leaves comments to create drama. Troll-Holes are blogs written and controled by a troll, being a writer who writes posts that are meant to create drama.
That blog is such a troll-hole because the posts do nothing, but create drama and incite arguments among its readers.
by deadmantell August 02, 2012
1. A person who ALWAYS says trololo.
2. A person who trolls people non-stop.
3. A person who defends his use of "troll: by claiming that trolls are giants that live under bridges.
Freind: "Look in your lunchbox"
Me: "Where's my yogurt?"
Freind: "Trololo"
by YoshiDaPotato March 11, 2014
A portmanteau insult for a bitter internet trolling asshole.
" everything you just wrote, proves you are nothing but a Trollhole"
by Mr. Middle America March 01, 2015
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