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A higher form of betrayal or backstabbing usually done to those in a "Relationship." The person that has been betrayed is completely devastated and destroyed. Similar to what happened to Troy back in the day. The victim is sent into a whirlwind of depression as they are cascaded with ball bearings of sadness lasting from a few months to a few years; their life distorted. This is the worst form of betrayal.
Lying - In a relationship (extreme circumstances)
More specifically lying about caring and loving an individual and leading them on when they have no feelings for them what so ever.
Using People in extreme circumstances. (Scamming Millions)

i.e Jill Trojan Horsed Jack, Jack believed Jill when she told him she loved him dearly while she was having a fling with James. Jack who had sacrificed a Stanford University scholarship to stay in the state to be with Jill - whom he intended on marrying was completely devastated.
by Eliminat0r August 02, 2010
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