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Troff is the opposite to peak. Just like on a graph you have the peak, you also have the trough, or 'troff'. The peak is the best as it is the top, and the 'troff' is the worst as it is at the bottom. This therefore means that if something is 'troff' it is the worst it can possibly be.
Harry: Jack, I'm listening to some music about putting a pigeon in a box and sending it off to Rome, It's peak!

Jack: No, Harry, that music is troff, very troff indeed. errr.
by Merky Breh August 18, 2011
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TRON is a BASIC command, short for "trace on". The command is a debugging tool, to trace a program line by line to ferret out bugs and glitches. (It's opposite is TROFF, which turns the trace off.)
"hey man troff that app suckah."
by Jake April 25, 2005
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The act of eating out your partners butthole during sex
"My gf plans to troff me dry tonight"
by Small Beastly June 23, 2009
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An unsightly female. Either a butterface or a butterbody, but usually both.
Derived from the word "Trough", the receptacle of pig feed. Inspired by the sight of above described females leaning against a bar and chugging on beers followed by the observation: "Check them out, it's like they're feeding at the trough"
Hence the word Troffs.

Antonym(s): Hottie, Cutie, A sexy ting dat
This nasty troff was all over me last night. Had a few beers and then took her out back for a quickie.

The bar was full of troffs, I'm not going back there again.

I hate to say it, but my sister's a troff. (not actually true)
by matt hunter January 10, 2007
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More awesome than awesome itself
Those new J's are troff.
by The boss og trick daddy February 27, 2015
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