One of the songs that are probably in the list of the greatest Wu-Tang Clan songs. For a song that is not in their first album, it can hold its own when compared to some of the songs in 36 Chambers.
Man 1: Yo remember when the Wu-Tang Clan came out with C.R.E.A.M., Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nothin' Ta F' Wit', Protect Ya Neck, Shame on a Nigga, Mystery of Chessboxin', and Bring da Ruckus? Every nigga on the block was going crazy, there were riots 'cuz of the damn songs!

Man 2: Word up my duke, I still remember when we was listenin' to Can it all be so simple, Clan in da front, and then when Shame on a Nigga played them niggas Tijandre and Michael did the funniest ODB impressions! Remember that my nigga?

Man 1: Yeah man, we was wildin' out and yelling and cussin' and shouting! Man, the Wu-Tang Clan never came out with an album as good as Enter the Wu-Tang. Man, remember that time we heard Bring da Ruckus for the first time, all the niggas in our neighborhood went so wild that the police startin sweatin' us?

Man 2: Yeah man, we really brought the ruckus, I laughed so hard when they left. Have you heard their older albums?

Man 1: Course I did my duke, how you feel 'bout that song Triumph?

Man 2: I love that song man, everybody killed it! Even U-God had a sweet verse, and that cat Cappadonna did not disappoint me.

Man 1: Wu-Tang Clan ain't nothin' ta fuck wit'.
by Frank White, King of New York April 12, 2008

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