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Car built by GM on Pontiac division from 1957 to 2005
Great performance vehicles and great looking, unfortunately after 10 years they immediately lost their appeal due to marketing.
The last years from 1986 to 2005 was the worst car ever to be in production by Pontiac, on their last model in 05 they did ok with the GXP model...
But the interior its horrible something my grandmother would love...
The front of the car will look better if u take a shit on the hood.

Some believe that Bonnevilles killed Pontiac as a result of their last production of cars.

In conclusion if you drive a SSEi , SLE or even a GXP you are a twat with no taste or knowledge.

Please bring back pontiac and the good 1957 to 1970 Bonneville

Also in some Tv shows were "Bonneville" was used to refer to your ugly looking grandmother car
Guy1: I just bought a Bonneville GXP and i love it!

Guy2: Oh! Did you buy it from your grandmother?

Guy1: Yeah... she bought the Grand Prix GXP and now she thinks Im a twat.
by Billy Durant January 23, 2011
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