A nice given name that is uncommon. Can be a name for both for a male and female. The name Tristan is also European and dates back to the middle ages in Europe when kings ruled the land.
Have you read Tristan and Isolde such a sad European love story.
by bbbcccbbcEuro March 14, 2009
In one word he's Crazy lol Jk But i could never describe him in word! He's at least 13 words! He's so SEXY, SMART, ATHLETIC, FUN (in and out of bed), SENSITIVE, STRONG (Freakin Amazing Body!), HILARIOUS, CHRISTIAN, COUNTRY, PERFECT, CHICK MAGNET, my BEST FRIEND, and my FOREVER :) No one can ever have a dull moment when they're with him. BTW...Did i mention he's the best darn guy any chick could ever want?
Girl 1: Did you see that new guy at school today?
Girl 2: You mean Tristan?
Girl 1: yea...

Girl 2: Of course! You'd have to be blind not to notice him. He's the whole package!
Girl 1: Idk he's okay... Hehe jk he's freakin gorgeous!
Girl 2: You got that right!
by EmileeRocksUrSocksOff July 07, 2011
A person that will do almost anything for you, but still knows how to stand on his own two feet. Very unique. He's a person that is very level headed and will try to give you the best advice he can. Every time you see him your heart stops and everyone looks. Someone you can trust. Just a great person to be around in general.
Tristan is so fine.
by RoxLette May 22, 2011
He's the life of the party and usually always cracking jokes. He'll almost always put a smile on your face, but he also knows when to be serious. He's an intense musician but also sporty and pretty dorky. Tristan's are the right kind of people to have in your life, they'll never get you into trouble. They're also crazy dancers, and serious romantics.
"Did you hear she's going to the dance with Tristan?"
"oh man! That'll be the time of her life!"
by Only specifics January 09, 2012
He is honestly the most amazing person you'll ever meet. He will put up with all your crap no matter what. He is truly wonderful! He's kind, sweet, funny, cute, attractive and all those other words that can explain how wonderful he is. He will always make you feel safe and will always put you in a good mood. No matter how you feel, he'll always be there<3
by You know who it's me;) June 27, 2013
masculine by definition, weak by choice. love and hate with unity. difficult to figure out, so don't try. he'll show only what he want you to see, so look deeper. he can read people by their body language, what they say and facial expression. seeks love for completion. he's ambitious, funny,arrogant, protective, very passionate in everything he expresses. aggressive but gentle, faïencent but brut all at the same damn time.he they like to make points and don't care too much for details. seems out of control, but be careful they calculate even irrational behavior. he'll tell you the truth to the best of his wisdom.
tristan equals boss.kira sereste
by bestchoice April 02, 2013
None:a very very attractive guy who is very honest, sweet, and makes the most funniest jokes, also known as Tristasaurus the epic dinosaur who is spazzy, and is really nice to everyone who is nice to him, he also was the bravest knight out of King Arthur's round table.
Man, that guy Tristan is such an awesome guy.
by clairebear626 August 20, 2011

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