Tristan is the name of a funny,sexy,sensitive,caring,empathetic,sympathetic guy who has a great body even though the only working out he does is in the bedroom . He usually has a penis at least 6-7 inches long and he goes for hours depending on his mood.he is also very imaginative and innovative he doesn't just think outside the box he creates a whole new box . He makes a joke that will make you hysterical and if he doesn't he will keep telling you jokes till he does. He can be intolerable at times but he is still a great guy . He thinks of others before himself . He is incredibly romantic and wants nothing more to please his woman in many different ways. His body and mind work together making him almost near irresistible to woman and men. He has luxurious long brown hair and sweet delicious bedroom eyes that look like blue oceans .he loves 80's music and he knows the words to all the songs in his collection.when he falls in love with a woman she can't do anything to make him stop loving her. He has the IQ of a genius.he is also a great dancer as well.a all around woman's wet dream type guy.
Girl : Tristan Watson is such a animal in bed .
Girl 2 : too bad he is in love with Alexis.
by March 11, 2015
Tristan is a creepy person who is always looking at you when you least expect it. He will usually have brown hair and be quite short. Tristan is smart and friendly when you get to know him. If your a boy! He can be friends will girls, just not as often. He can be really funny, and he likes to tell jokes and create memes and absolutely LOVES selfies! (Pictures) He likes to look at himself in the mirror, and loves to fix up his hair. (Just not around people) he loves video games and pretty much every bit of technology he can get his hands on! He will spend most of his time on technology or doing home work. He is a teachers pet and most people like him. Not MANY people find him easy to fall in love with! But he can be severely hated by some people and can be rejected!
Samantha: "Oh look its Tristan!"
Courtney: "Oh...."
Jacinta: "He's doing that weird look again!"
Samantha: "Oh no!"
Courtney: " Look the other way!"
Jacinta: "Haha!"
(All this was said in a good way)
by Cortz123 May 28, 2013
A male, usually of pretteen years, completely put off and upset by the use of the term "Grody".
Gaaaaaaaa!!!!! Why not just use the word Gross instead of Grody! They have the same letters and mean the same thing!!! Gaaaaa!! IM crying and Im Tristan!
by deeedubya January 11, 2014
A boy who looks like an owl and has a high voice
Did you see that owl must've been a tristan
by TheUnknownFreaks September 30, 2014
he can be the most attractive person ever but when you figure out his personality.. .it just ruins everything. He'll like you, but if he finds a better girl he'll push you to the side and forget you were even there. He'll call you nasty names and he'll even go for your bestfriend OR EVEN YOUR SISTER! He's a huge player and lies alot so watch out for tristan.
Friend: Hey tristan! up for hanging out today?
Tristan: nahh im grounded!

Friend: okay bye then

*tristan invites girls over*
by Romeo&JuliNOT March 15, 2013
Gargles everyones balls. Big fag
Tristan just gargled his own balls cause he's a fag He does this every day
by bigdick2 March 06, 2014
A british school boy looking for a horny blonde. The name tristan was a popular name in europe and still is today. The species of tristans get horny wen hearing monkeys grunt at their moms
tristan goes to zoo and sees monkeys having sex and asks his mom, " what are they doing mommy." then she says' "baking a cake." next they go c alligators and the kid says, " they're baking a cake too." the next day the kid says to the mom, "i heard u and daddy baking a cake last night." then she says, " howd u know." then he says, " bcz i licked the frosting of the couch. ;)
by PBJ4Life July 04, 2011

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