Can be a male or female name. When it comes to females being named Tristan, they are usually badass, these girls take no shit, they are brave, hilarious, beautiful & kind hearted.
When it comes to males, they are shy but when you get to know them, they loosen up & will keep you laughing forever!
Friend1: "Hey, you know that girl Tristan?!"
Friend2: "Oh my GOD, shes hilarious!"
Friend 3: "What about that one guy, Tristan?"
Friend1: "The exact same!"
by imakeitreign October 11, 2011
Tristan is the most amazing-est guy there ever is. His beautiful amazing eyes, his laugh, his jokes, his perfume, his personality, his everything. Tristan is a guy who would crack the awkward moments, be the most joyful person to be around, laugh at everything and anything, his silly but adorable jokes. Everyone loves Tristan. The special girl in his life (random name: Dawn) feels to be the most luckiest, happiest girl alive Bible. Tristan makes her feel endlessly loved, endlessly cared about, endlessly a lot of things. He's her world, he's her life, he's her future husband, he's her Squishy (Finding Nemo Jelly Fish), and he's her Silly Billy. Tristan is a very loved person. Dawn loves Tristan.
Boy: Have you met Tristan?

Girl: Yeah of course. Who wouldn't love to meet Tristan? He's such a babe.
by Dashian2013 June 19, 2013
Tristan is a loyal guy who will be there for you until the end. He is outgoing and fun on the outside but he holds secrets and insecurities on the inside. If you find a friend in him then he will be a great person or boyfriend to have. Tristan has a great sense of humour.
Girl: I met a guy called Tristan and I can already tell he is going to be a great friend of mine.
by xox_ari November 30, 2013
This can be a female name. They are breathtakingly beautiful. Angelic eyes, soft, warm lips that will make you melt. A perfect figure. They have the best personality a person can get. If you ever get a chance to date a Tristan do it. They will be not only your girlfriend but your bestfriend. They tend to be tall for females, brown curly hair, and are just over all amazing. They hate being called sexy. They would rather be called beautiful. Treat them with respect, they deserve it.
by Buzz Lightyear051013 October 10, 2013
Tristan is the name of a funny,sexy,sensitive,caring,empathetic,sympathetic guy who has a great body even though the only working out he does is in the bedroom . He usually has a penis at least 6-7 inches long and he goes for hours depending on his mood.he is also very imaginative and innovative he doesn't just think outside the box he creates a whole new box . He makes a joke that will make you hysterical and if he doesn't he will keep telling you jokes till he does. He can be intolerable at times but he is still a great guy . He thinks of others before himself . He is incredibly romantic and wants nothing more to please his woman in many different ways. His body and mind work together making him almost near irresistible to woman and men. He has luxurious long brown hair and sweet delicious bedroom eyes that look like blue oceans .he loves 80's music and he knows the words to all the songs in his collection.when he falls in love with a woman she can't do anything to make him stop loving her. He has the IQ of a genius.he is also a great dancer as well.a all around woman's wet dream type guy.
Girl : Tristan Watson is such a animal in bed .
Girl 2 : too bad he is in love with Alexis.
by March 11, 2015
is a GIRL who is the sweetest around. Everybody loves her and wants to be aquainted with her. She is beautiful inside and out!
Person 1: Who is that amazing girl everyone keeps talking about?
Person 2: Oh you mean Tristan? She's great! You should really get to know her.
by tacky5 March 10, 2012
Sexy and is the ashashashashashasha king :3...enough said
Tristan is sexy and is the ashashashashashasha king :3...enough said
by TROL KING August 16, 2011
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