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Tripling is when one ejaculates, vomits and voids simultaneously.

Essentially you climax, shit and puke all at once.
I was in the zone right, just hitting the final strokes when all hell broke loose and a tripled myself. That girl will never forget me, and neither will her dry cleaner.
by NathanfromMisfits December 16, 2010
64 17
In the hoods of Dallas Texas, triple d stands for dirty dirty Dallas!
yea i represent tha triple d!
by Vincent Bryan July 14, 2008
879 104
While you are engaging in intercourse you cum, shit and vomit all at the same time.

From TV series 'Misfits' on E4.
Boy 1: "I was shagging this girl last night but she ran out screaming after i tripled"

Boy 2: "Arrgh that's gross!"
by jb182 December 17, 2010
34 17
When you stick your D between some double D tits
"Gave that bitch a triple D"
by roastie November 03, 2013
5 4
Designated Drunk Driver.

An awful thing to do and should always be a joke.
Who's going to be the triple d tonight? I'm trying to find a ride home.
by dumbdecisions May 06, 2011
27 64
Three dots that awkawardly ruin a perfectly good generally involving the Ottomans, or bald men of some sort. Usually results in frustrating the person you are conversing with. Would be very awkward if used while talking to said person on the phone or face to face. Super effective in driving chicks away, and old men with beards. Typically used by awkward turtles. Dangerous when overused.
Aww I just got triple D'd!
by Sultan Selim III June 19, 2011
19 61
the worst group ever: this group typically likes to cuddle with men and pull beds next to men while they are sleeping.
kyle and colin are so triple D
by CFFL June 03, 2010
10 54