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This is an all boys school, with rich kids who are nasty at all sports. Out of all the prep schools, this one will most likely fuck all oters up. Girls come from long and far to taste the TP paste.
Best school around this shits on all others
by stacey April 16, 2005
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An Episcopalian boarding school near Pawling, New York. This school has a large number of international students and many of the students have rich parents. Despite the fact that the majority of the students seem to have been raised at least moderately well off, quite a large number of the students here endeavor to be "street". Like any school, they tend to get overexceited about their sports teams.

Fiercely competetive with a number of schools, including Avon, Kent, and Taft.
Hey, what school did you go to? Trinity Pawling?

No, I went to Avon.

Hey! Avon and T-P are rivals! You suck!
by An honest source October 05, 2005
Avon Rejects. You Suck.
Person one : Hey did u get into avon?
Person two : No, im goin to tp instead.
by Pete April 20, 2005

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