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A sketchy, bogus, egotistical lying individual.
That bitch was trifflin, DUMP HER!
#bogus #sketchy #lying #backstabber #egotistical
by M. M October 25, 2006
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Shaddy, Sneaky, Someone who can not be trusted.
That b*t*ch is trifflin'!
by Angie s May 10, 2005
Trifflin means nasty or dirty
That trifflin bitch can have you!!!
#triflin #nasty #hoe #whore #trifflen
by Gangsta Mamii September 18, 2006
Backstabbing, shaddy, lieing, cheating son of bitch
What a damn Trifflin ho
by DylanTheJew August 01, 2005
sad, pathetic, unmotivated excuse for a person or action. can also be accentuated with the use of the word ass.
Drill Sergeant: "Trifflin'...that's what this is, private.
A trifflin'-ass excuse for a uniform."

"all these trifflin'-ass females walking around like they're Paris Hilton, when they really look like her dog!"
#sad #pathetic #trifeling #unmotivated #poge
by puagirl April 18, 2006
Nasty; dirty; spiteful; ill-nature; disgusting to the senses, unpleasant
"She never cleans her house and her kids are always dirty, she is just trifflin'."

"He is so funky, with his trifflin' ass, why doesn't he take a shower?"
#nasty #spiteful #dirty #filthy #gross
by Superwomen August 15, 2007
Falsely accusing a man of rape, Lying about being pregnant to keep your man, Spending your families welfare check on crack, or spreading AIDS to others intentionally! It's definitely
out ranks something that would be considered some hoe ass shit!
"So scandalous, thats some trifflin as shit!", "That trifflin ass bitch!
#scandalous #hoe ass shit #conniving #triphalin #hater
by Runnin Stoughs August 22, 2010
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