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wannabe hipsters

people who tumblr, wear skinny jeans when it's 100 degrees out, and ride fixies
Declaring yourself a hipster automatically makes you one of the tridders.
by smoshypie October 10, 2011
A wannabe hipster. Someone who tries to listen to underground music and such, but fails at life.
Sarah won't stop talking about what a hipster she is, when actually, she's just a tridder.
by viciousjett October 05, 2011
noun- a wannabe hipster
verb- the act of being a wannabe hipster
noun- That chick over there updating her Tumblr is a frickin' tridder, bruh.

verb- "Look at Paris's hipster sweater xD"
"She's tridding it up today, huh?"
by inlovewithanthony October 10, 2011