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A wannabe hipster. Someone who tries to listen to underground music and such, but fails at life.
Sarah won't stop talking about what a hipster she is, when actually, she's just a tridder.
by viciousjett October 05, 2011
noun- a wannabe hipster
verb- the act of being a wannabe hipster
noun- That chick over there updating her Tumblr is a frickin' tridder, bruh.

verb- "Look at Paris's hipster sweater xD"
"She's tridding it up today, huh?"
by inlovewithanthony October 10, 2011
wannabe hipsters

people who tumblr, wear skinny jeans when it's 100 degrees out, and ride fixies
Declaring yourself a hipster automatically makes you one of the tridders.
by smoshypie October 10, 2011
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