A compliment when someone is playing a sport and he does something really sneaky.
Person 1: Did you see that? He just dribbled right through that other guys legs!

Person 2: Dude! That was tricky ricky right there.
by pyzaist November 28, 2011
Top Definition
When u get so drunk u shit and piss ur pants at someone elses house and when u wake up u drip shit on the carpet as u walk to the bathroom. U must leav immediatly and not tell any one, so they must discover the shit stains on the carpet
That shady bitch pulled a tricky ricky at my house
by Tyler Lewandowski September 08, 2008
Another name for the beloved Vodka Rikaloff.
Also it costs 11.00$ a handle
1. Dude I was totally smashed on Tricky Ricky
2. Tricky Ricky is so damn tricky I blacked out
by Bob Mavaster August 27, 2009
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