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A compliment when someone is playing a sport and he does something really sneaky.
Person 1: Did you see that? He just dribbled right through that other guys legs!

Person 2: Dude! That was tricky ricky right there.
by pyzaist November 28, 2011
A literal bro. Your mother's son who is not you. Used to distinguish between a bro and a brother.
John - Dude, David's my bro.
Jim - Wait really? I didn't know that.
John - ... What do you mean?
Jim - Ooooh you mean "bro." I thought you meant a blood bro.
John - Nope. Just a bro.
Jim - Okay.
by pyzaist May 04, 2013
A pirate emoticon used to express joyful rebellion
dude i just totally cheated on a test /.D
by pyzaist February 21, 2011
When someone does something weird or unexpected that is either slightly cruel or kinda cool but still weird. Can also be said if you want to say something that rolls off the tongue.
Person 1: Hey howd you do on that pop quiz?
Person 2: Man, terrible. That was kinda freaky deaky dontcha think?
Person 1: Yeah, it definitely was.

Person 1: Do you see that face she made? That was weird.
Person 2: Haha I thought it was freaky deaky personally.
by pyzaist November 28, 2011

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