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A person who plays tricks that are too good for their own knowledge.
KES is the biggest tricksta alive, sometimes her tricks are so funny they hurt.
#trickster #player #trickstaaa #baller #hater #playaa #smart ass #hoe
by CJI March 25, 2009
A Player in dethecus who kills people in storm peaks too often
Tricksta kills AF
#player vs player #tricksta #warcraft #dethecus #murder
by Yogomon March 20, 2009
someone who plays around too much
Israel "playa" Reyes is a tricksta ass mark.
by J-Dizzle September 25, 2004
me fo shizzle my nizzle when i kizzle the wizzle out of my booizzle.
i be the tricksta!!!
by Kermi June 28, 2003
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