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3 definitions by Kermi

name of a tight musical talent whose main theme for inspiration is the smokage and transportation of cannabis sativa. know for their awesome flow, profane lyrics, while still commanding respect while still "keeping it real". this term can be used in reference to a person who has these qualities. it has also been used, especially in suburbia, to describe the habbit some homies have to cruise around the backstreets while "hot-boxing" any type of vehicle while listening to cypress hill.
"cypress hill is tight"
"yeah homes, that very cypress hill of you"
"sup foo...lets go cypress hill for un momento in my new ranfla"
by kermi June 23, 2003
me fo shizzle my nizzle when i kizzle the wizzle out of my booizzle.
i be the tricksta!!!
by Kermi June 28, 2003
a nasty cankle having, buck-toothed hood rat mami. can also be used in reference to "moniquas". Boos are spared of being called this after they put out, they are then known simply as chunts.
yo peep this...i was flossin in my ranfla when i saw the biggest chuntara, so of course i let her put her feet on my rug...-nice!.
by Kermi June 20, 2003